11 Money-Making Tips and Ideas for Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb has become a top accommodation service for travelers. It has beaten out hotel chains and other vacation rental services to become the go-to for many people. Its idea is very simple, just to rent out your property or even a room for some time. Plus, one major advantage is an affordable cost that attracts tourists on a budget. Two students of the Rhode Island School of Design first introduced the idea in 2008. And since then, it has taken off and is now available in 191 countries and 34,000 cities worldwide. Many people are now collaborating with the company to rent out their homes for extra income. If you are also an Airbnb host, or want to become one, here are some money-making tips and ideas.

Give Your Guests a Welcome Gift

We all want extra love and support at new places. Showing your guests care about their comfort can go long. You can prepare a welcome gift basket with some snacks, water, and other things that might come in handy during their stay. It will make them feel at home and appreciated, and they will be more likely to leave a positive review for you. You can also include a note about the area and things to do. A special basket or welcome note is a small way to make a big impression on your guests. It also shows your attention and cares about providing them with a great experience.

Offer Discounts for Longer Stays

If you want to encourage people to book your Airbnb for longer stays, offer them discounts. The longer they stay, the more money you’ll make. You can also offer other incentives, like free parking or a complimentary breakfast. The more you reward your guests for choosing your Airbnb, the more likely they will come back and recommend you to others. A simple token of love can go a long way. Also, a small discount can make a big difference when people are trying to decide between similar listings.

Make Use of Technology

There are a lot of great apps and websites that can help you make the most of your Airbnb. For example, some websites will help you find guests, manage your bookings, and even clean your rental. Some apps can help you communicate with your guests and provide them with information about your listing. By using technology, you can make your job as an Airbnb host much easier and more efficient. It will also reduce your time to focus on other things, like making money. Moreover, by using  CouponGot technology deals, you can subscribe to a software or web development tool for your Airbnb at less cost.

Set Up a Coffee and Tea Station

Coffee or tea is universal, and most people love at least one of them. By setting up a small coffee and tea station in your Airbnb, you can make your guests feel more at home. It will also save them money as they won’t have to go out and buy their coffee or tea. Furthermore, this is a great way to get to know your guests better as you can chat with them while they make their drinks. It also gives a trendy style to your Airbnb.

Keep all Appliances Up-to-date

The appliances in your Airbnb are very important. No one wants to stay in a place with outdated or broken appliances. By keeping all appliances up-to-date, you can ensure that your guests have a comfortable stay. Update all the kitchen appliances, the TV, and the Wi-Fi router. These are essential for any Airbnb. If it seems costly, utilize home improvement coupons and deals to avail all the products at a minimum price.

Bring in a Portable Heater

Another major way to increase your guests’ comfort is by bringing in a portable heater. It will come in handy during the winter season. Guests will be able to adjust the temperature according to their needs and have a comfortable stay. The more you make things accessible and easy for your guests, the better the reviews will be, and more people will want to stay at your place. Even a tiny step like a portable heater or firepot will make a difference.

Make the Bedding Comfortable

Airbnb is an accommodation for travelers who love to explore. They travel all day long and want a comfortable place at night. If the bedding at your rental house is not comfortable, they will not have a pleasant stay. The key is to ensure that the sheets are clean and changed regularly. The mattress should also be comfortable so that guests can have a good night’s sleep. A mattress pad is also the best way to bring extra luxury to your rental.

Use High-Quality Towels

Towels are one of the things that guests will use the most during their stay. If you provide them with high-quality towels, they will appreciate it and have a better experience. Plus, it will make your Airbnb look more luxurious. Also, a pack of toiletries and a basket of extra towels in the bathroom will make your guests feel at home. It also increases the ranking of your rental.

Give Access to Extra Sheets

Sometimes sheets get dirty, and guests may need to change them. If you provide extra sheets, it will be much appreciated. Also, it’s best to have a laundry service that can take care of the sheets for you. You can keep a basket of extra sheets and towels. Also, put some extra pillows and cushions in the basket.

Provide Some Extra Amenities

To make your rental stand, you can provide some extra amenities for your guests. For example, you can offer complimentary breakfast or a tour of the area. You can also offer a discount on their stay if they book for a longer period of time. Access to wifi or laundry services are also great amenities to offer. You can even offer a discount on their stay if they leave a positive review on your listing. A few small attentions can make a difference for your guests!

Be Responsive

It’s important to be responsive to your guests’ needs. If they need anything, do your best to accommodate them. It means getting them an extra blanket or answering any questions they have about the area. If you are responsive, they will be more likely to leave a positive review and recommend your listing to others.

Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the top money-making ideas and hacks for Airbnb hosts. Implementing these can easily increase your income and have a successful Airbnb business. Remember to provide quality service and pay attention to the details that matter to your guests. Good luck!

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