A Guide to Portable Apps

Portable apps, also called stand-alone applications, are programs designed to read and write configuration settings from your computer to a portable folder. This folder is usually a place where you can find the application easily. Portable applications have several advantages. First, they can run on multiple computers. Second, they do not require installation on your system. Third, they can be used in a variety of different ways.

Enigma Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual Box is a portable application that emulates the functionality of a Windows operating system. It offers a variety of features and can be used to run both portable apps and applications that require administrator privileges. Its interface is user-friendly and allows you to easily add and remove files from a project. It also allows you to sort files based on their size.

Another benefit of Enigma Virtual Box is its ability to handle all types of files. This means that you can run any application without having to worry about losing its efficiency. In addition, Enigma Virtual Box does not create any temporary files on your system. Because it runs everything from memory, it is incredibly fast. It also allows you to run Mobile App applications that require administrative rights without creating a huge number of temporary files.

The interface of Enigma Virtual Box is very simple. It features twin file entry fields and a tabbed main window. At the bottom of the window, you can access the controls for enabling or disabling various features. You can also add virtual files to the application by dragging or clicking on them. Lastly, you can enable writing to the virtual registry, if you wish.

Creating a portable app is not hard at all. You just need the right application. Enigma Virtual Box is one of the leading solutions in this area. Its user-friendly interface is not visually appealing, but it is highly functional. It organizes the various features into tabs to make it easier to use.


LiberKey is a portable application platform based on freeware and open-source applications. It includes many unique features not found in other Portable Application Suites, such as desktop shortcuts, portable file associations, and online updates for applications. Moreover, users can download and install new applications using LiberKey’s dedicated tools for portabilization.

LiberKey can be downloaded from the LiberKey website, installed on a USB key, or stored on a hard drive. Once installed, you’ll be prompted to download a suite of applications. There are three application suites to choose from: 13 applications, 84 applications, and 145 applications. All of these applications can be customized by the users.

The LiberKey Portable app also has a StartMenu that allows you to manage your applications. It also has a portable application catalog that enables you to add applications to your suite. The LiberKey StartMenu can be customized to add and remove applications from your system. You can customize the menu by deleting categories, adding new groups, or creating folders. The app also automatically looks for updated versions of the apps that it includes, so you can be sure that the latest version is on your system.

Another handy tool for users of the app is the Adguard program. This tool blocks advertising banners on websites and protects against malicious code. It also has a feature that allows you to edit images in RAW format. Moreover, it controls the on-line activities of your detei.

Lupo PenSuite

The Lupo PenSuite Portable app is a set of applications that have been optimized for the PenDrive. The suite contains many different applications, such as web browsers, instant messengers, P2P clients, screen captors, multimedia players, CD/DVD burners, and more. Users can easily access all of their software by plugging in the PenDrive to any other computer.

The Lupo PenSuite Portable app contains more than 180 portable applications, games, and utilities. Among these applications are 7-Zip, CCleaner, eMule, FileZilla, GIMP, Opera, and more. The application collection is designed for Windows systems, and it is available for free download for all Windows users.

VLC Player

The VLC Media Player portable app is a multiplatform media player that can play a variety of media files. It supports audio, video, and subtitles in many formats. It also supports Internet media streaming. In addition, it can be used to convert files between formats. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

VLC is a powerful media player that offers a simple interface. It has many useful features, including editing video metadata and recording screen video. It also supports several skins and is easy to customize. If you want a different interface, you can use the VLC skin editor to create a new one.

VLC Media Player is portable, which means that it will work on any PC without installation. The portable version of the software can be stored in any folder and can be moved between PCs. It can also be copied to a USB flash drive or external storage device and run from there. This is useful when you need to play video files that aren’t supported by a regular media player.

VLC Media Player Portable is an excellent free and open source video player that supports most video and audio formats. It can also handle various streaming protocols. Because it’s an open source program, there is no need to download or install codecs. This free app does all that you need and more.


The Enigma Portable app lets you run applications without installing them on your PC. It can be downloaded from the Enigma website and is easy to use. Before you can install the app, you have to add a folder. Once you do that, you can open the folder and start the program. Once you have opened the app, it will run inside the Enigma Virtual Box.

When installing the Enigma Portable app, follow the instructions. The installation process is very easy, and will take just a few minutes. If you want, you can install the app on another computer. It is important to make sure that it works before you install it on your main computer. You do not want to install an app that fails when you need it most.

The Enigma Portable app is free and can be used on both x86 and x64 versions of Windows. It is a virtualization software that works by converting application files and the registry into a single executable. The files are virtualized without affecting their efficiency or being extracted to your hard drive. It also supports Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Many applications now come with a portable version. These are designed for frequent users and are a great alternative to using the original. Portable applications also allow you to use them on other computers with saved preferences.


The Jarte Portable app is a simple program for storing files. It comes in two versions, one for normal installation and one for portable use. Jarte is easy to install on a Windows PC, and you can also install it from USB flash drives. In order to install it, close all active programs and follow the on-screen instructions. It does not require any system configuration and can be used by a variety of users.

In its latest release, Jarte has added features to help users perform various tasks in the program. It now includes Next Page and Previous Page commands, which can be assigned to custom shortcut keys. It also includes the Quick Print Current Page and Quick Print Current Selection commands. It also has an improved Print window header and footer that displays the number of pages printed. The number starts from one, but the user can also customize the start page number.

One minor issue was that when selecting a file to edit, Jarte would not automatically switch to the current active file. The “/I” command line parameter was not always respected when Jarte was started from a USB drive. There was also a problem with the ability to extend the selection while scrolling a document using the mouse wheel. Finally, pressing Shift+Ctrl+A while navigating a document would result in the selected text being highlighted in capital letters.

Jarte is similar to Microsoft Word, with a tabbed interface and built-in spell-checker. It supports templates and allows users to insert embedded objects. It also has the ability to search document files. Another feature is the ability to bookmark a document with a single click. The program also includes tools for cutting and copying objects.

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