About BigCommerce Development Companies: FAQ

If you’ve ever been responsible for building a BigCommerce store and are not a developer yourself, or have none on hand, then you might have some experience working with a BigCommerce development company.

Here are some of the top questions associated with BigCommerce website developers.

What Is BigCommerce? Is It a Good Company?

BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that specializes in eCommerce. Whereas other platforms like WordPress are designed to be CMS platforms, the BigCommerce platform was created as an online store builder.

BigCommerce has a native structure that makes it easy to create categories and add products with a variety of options. It also easily integrates with a variety of plugins and payment processors that facilitate selling online.

BigCommerce also has a lot of other great features, such as a variety of BigCommerce themes, an easy-to-use editor, a built-in blog, and supports a large “ecosystem” of BigCommerce partners.

What Are BigCommerce Development Services?

BigCommerce development services are anything, basically, that’s involved with the development of an eCommerce store.

For instance, different facets of development include theme development, custom design and development, responsive optimization and development, API development and integration, conversion rate optimization services, and custom app coding and development.

All eCommerce platforms are slightly different, and BigCommerce development companies expressly specialize in the BigCommerce platform.

How Much Do BigCommerce Development Services Cost?

There is no single set cost for BigCommerce development services. The cost of hiring a BigCommerce will depend on the scope of the work required.

For instance, coding a complex custom app and then integrating it with the platform might cost more than a simple theme tweak that only required basic coding experience.

Most development agencies will furnish you with quotes based on the work you expect. For a more concrete answer, contact a BigCommerce development agency, let them know about the work you anticipate, and ask for a quote or estimate.

How to Hire a BigCommerce Development Company?

Perhaps the better question is “what to look for in a top BigCommerce developer?” or “how to make sure you’re hiring a leading eCommerce developer?”

Either way, there are some things you should definitely look for.

For instance, consider years of experience, number of clients served, and experience in a specific vertical or industry.

You should also consider official credentials. BigCommerce itself certifies qualified developers through its partner program.

The best, full-service BigCommerce developers – BigCommerce development companies like 1Digital Agency (1DigitalAgency.com) – are Elite BigCommerce certified.

Is BigCommerce More Affordable Than Shopify?

BigCommerce and Shopify are actually very similar in their features and in their costs, with Shopify’s subscription plans running from $29 to $299 per month and BigCommerce from $29.95 to $299.95 per month.

But there is one big thing to take into consideration here. Shopify charges a 2% transaction fee, whereas BigCommerce does not.

So, for some merchants, BigCommerce is definitely more “affordable.”

Is BigCommerce Good for Small Businesses?

BigCommerce, as a SaaS, is excellent not only for enterprise-level operations but for small businesses as well.

It is much more suitable for open source businesses than platforms like Magento and Volusion, which are open-source and extremely difficult to develop and customizable.

Right “out of the box’ BigCommerce is both easy to launch and easy to configure. It features an easy to use homepage editor and product and category page builders, easily integrates with a wide range of tools, and is compatible with multiple free and premium SEO-friendly themes.

Anyone can launch a BigCommerce store, with almost no development skills – from a one-man operation doing only a few thousand per month in revenue, to a multi-million dollar corporation.

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