About MP5 Guns: What to Look for

About MP5 Guns: What to Look for

Interested in shelling out some cash for an MP5 gun or a clone? If you are, look for some of these features, which will add a little value to the transaction.

Roller-Delayed Blowback Action: If It Doesn’t Have This, It’s a Poor Impostor

Some “MP5 clones” look the part of an MP5 but make use of a recoil-operated action, presumably because it is easier to produce a recoil-operation action than what the bonafide MP5 uses: a roller-delayed blowback system.

Don’t settle, though. The gas-operated, roller-delayed mechanism of the real thing is smooth-shooting, produces less port pop, and suppresses well.

Not to mention: if it isn’t roller delayed, it’s just a knockoff. If you appreciate authenticity, it should at least have the same action as an HK MP5.

Fluted Chambers: Aids in Extraction
The real MP5 gun has a fluted chamber, which is a feature you might easily overlook, even if you were getting into the details.

It’s a small item, but it does aid in extraction, and if you’ve ever had a problem with sticky chambers, this is one of the best solutions.

So, look for it in the specifications and features.

An Improved Safety Selector Switch
If there’s one thing that some shooters have complained about, it’s the HK MP5’s fire selector switch, which is somewhat less than easy to access, especially if you have smaller hands, or while wearing heavy gloves.

Many MP5 clones on the market today have substantially improved fire selector switches, which, though they’re essentially the same as the original, are larger and slightly easier to engage.

A Threaded Barrel
It’s hardly an MP5 model if it can’t accept a flash hider, right? Make sure you get one with a threaded barrel, otherwise, you probably won’t be able to add muzzle devices like suppressors, flash hiders, and muzzle brakes. Or, at least, get a separate threaded MP5 barrel.

Compatibility with Numerous Aftermarket MP5 Parts
You don’t want to pour all that money into an MP5 or MP5 clone only to find out later you can’t use your muzzle devices, magazines, pistol grips, collapsible stocks, or other MP5 parts or accessories with it, right?

When it comes time to accessorize or make repairs or upgrades, you want cross-compatibility. Some MP5 clones and lookalikes are notably better for that than others.

Warranty Coverage: Peace of Mind
Let’s also give a thought or two to warranty coverage. Given the sticker price of some of these clones, you might not want to shell out all that cash and get little guarantee for it.

Read the fine print. Some MP5 guns (and clones and lookalikes) may come with extensive warranty coverage.

Can Civilians Own MP5 Guns?
The short answer is that there is a legal way for civilians to purchase genuine MP5 guns.

You will need an NFA tax stamp and approval before buying one, though. If you’re interested in a real HK MP5, also, be prepared to spend some big bucks. Asking prices are usually very high.

Also, be aware that in some states, it may not be legal for you to get one.

Who Sells High-Quality American-Made MP5 Guns?
For those of you for whom purchasing an HK MP5 submachine gun is not a practicality, there are plenty of manufacturers of high-quality reproductions that offer a great deal of value and performance.

One of these is Zenith Firearms’ American-made MP5, which offers all of the features and specifications mentioned here while remaining much more reasonably priced than genuine HK models.

Zenith Firearms also produces a wide assortment of MP5 parts and accessories, such as mil-spec cold hammer forged barrels, trigger groups, muzzle devices, MP5 magazines, and an assortment of other MP5 accessories and hardware.

For more information, visit their website: ZenithFirearms.com.

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