Top 4 Tools To Add Tripadvisor Reviews On Your Website

One of the world’s biggest platforms in the tourism and hospitality industry is Tripadvisor. And if you are a business owner in the industries like travel, leisure, and hospitality then you rely heavily on consumer reviews. To make booking decisions for hotels, restaurants, and holiday homes from your business website, prospective customers need to trust your business. This is where you need to add Tripadvisor reviews and display them on your website. 

According to research reports, more than 72% of customers always check Tripadvisor reviews before choosing a place to eat, stay and enjoy. Tripadvisor is a third-party website and you should include these reviews on your website. Read this blog to learn about the five most popular tools for adding Tripadvisor reviews to your website.

Tools That You Can Use For Adding Tripadvisor Reviews On the Website: 

There are some top tools listed below that you can use to add and display Tripadvisor reviews on your business website. 

1. Tagembed 

One of the most versatile review aggregator tools- Tagembed is the first choice for users to add and display Tripadvisor reviews to their websites. Tagembed has many beneficial features besides its codeless nature to add a Tripadvisor review on a website making it a worthy tool. With the help of Tagembed, users can easily customize layouts and themes of the widget by changing colors, fonts, card styles, etc. 

The moderation panel of Tagembed permits users to filter out the reviews that are not relevant or they don’t want to display. To the embedded feed, you can easily add a customized CTA button with this prominent tool. 

2. Elfsight 

Your Tripadvisor reviews are added easily to your business website with the help of the Elfsight tool. To help you maximize your Tripadvisor reviews, this tool comes already with templates and widgets. This tool offers four types of review layouts such as grid, list, slider, and masonry. For posting a review on the Tripadvisor page, this tool offers an active button to its users. The paid version of the Elfsight tool unlocks a higher usage limit and offers more support to its users. 

3. Trustindex 

You can display Tripadvisor Reviews on your website for free with the help of the Trustindex tool by using its predesigned widgets. To build the trust of customers and improve the SEO of the website, you can showcase your widgets after creating them and filter your reviews. The user can feature up to ten Tripadvisor reviews in the free plan of this tool. This tool provides more than 40 widget layouts and more than 25 pre-designed widget styles to its users. The Trustindex tool is free but in case you want to display more than ten Tripadvisor reviews then you can opt for the pro version of the tool. 

4. Trustmary 

On any part of your website, you can publish Tripadvisor reviews with the help of the Trustmary tool. To add and display Tripadvisor Reviews on your business website, users don’t need any technical expertise as this tool is coding-free. Using this tool, you can automatically import reviews from Tripadvisor to your website and display them with a customizable and stylish widget. With Trustmary you can easily embed Tripadvisor reviews in no time and it also brings some considerable results. 

Advantages Of Add Tripadvisor Reviews On The Website: 

For travelers and tourists across the globe, Tripadvisor is the most trusted review platform. You convey authenticity and transparency to your customers when you add Tripadvisor reviews to your website. Some of the advantages of adding Tripadvisor reviews to your website are mentioned below: 

1. Adds Social Proof 

Tripadvisor reviews provide social proof to your business website. When positive reviews of your existing customers appear on the website, it will act as social proof for your potential customers. They will then be more inclined towards your business and take action like booking a tour, buying a product, or making a reservation. 

2. Improves Conversion Rates

Positive reviews act as a convincing tool. When your potential customers will read the positive reviews from existing customers who have good experiences they are more likely to convert into customers from viewers. This will eventually lead to improving conversion rates, and an increase in sales and bookings. 

3. Enhanced User Experience

Valuable insights into what customers are thinking about your offerings are provided by Tripadvisor reviews. These reviews will give you a sense of what your customers are looking for and you will offer them better services or products. This helps businesses enhance the end-user experience.


As a business owner in the hospitality, travel, and leisure industry, you’ll already know the importance of adding Tripadvisor reviews for your business. Before making any buying decisions, potential customers read existing customer reviews and testimonials on the website. To increase social proof and develop customer loyalty, it is crucial to add Tripadvisor reviews to your website with the help of these aforementioned tools. 

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