Checklist For Finding A Trustworthy Calgary Land Surveyor

Checklist For Finding A Trustworthy Calgary Land Surveyor

Calgary land surveyors deliver foundation reports that serve as base material for architects, engineers and other stakeholders. Land development projects require the active involvement of qualified land surveyors.

Calgary land surveyors engage in the art and science of marking and assessing boundaries based on dimensions, measurements, observations, and relevant data collected via questionnaires during field visits.

The current article will highlight the essential check-points to ensure before finalising your next Calgary land surveyor.

What Do Land Surveyors Do?
Land surveyors indulge in planning, designing, conducting surveys, and taking precise measurements of a property’s boundaries. Also, make sure to cover any structures over, above or on the ground. Furthermore, land surveyors conduct surveys to include amenities and premises as well.

Collecting and collating data concerning a particular property is the job of your land surveyor. All relevant data about the shape, size and contour of the land under question is carefully assessed. For this, land surveyors use concepts such as mathematics, engineering, trigonometry, mapmaking, and construction.

Here is what your chosen Calgary land surveyor will most basically do –

1. Measure the exact dimensions of the property’s boundaries

2. Measure distances and angles for all points on, above, and below the Earth’s surface

3. Make visits to the exact location to demarcate important features around

4. Collate data on land titles and sales history

5. Collect information about any past surveys

6. Look for any evidence of previous boundaries

7. Avoid any possibility of a land dispute

8. Ensure all municipal laws and regulations are followed

Thereby indicating that the choice of your next Calgary land surveyor is quite crucial and determining the decision for the success of your land development project.

Checklist for the best Calgary and surveyors
Here is a quick checklist to find the best land surveyors for your next project in Calgary –

1. Licences and Authorizations

2. Experience

3. Past clients and testimonials

4. Industry-specific experience

5. Liability insurance

6. Comparative pricing

7. Take references from friends or family

8. Check google reviews

9. Team members and their qualifications

10. Compliance ability with local laws

11. Time of project delivery

12. Adequate technology

13. Latest machinery and equipment such as surveying prisms, markers, rods, brush axes, surveying bipods/tripods, transit levels, GPS equipment

14. Innovative and best practices

15. Professionalism

You must check if the land surveying firm you are finalising is equipped with the latest surveying solutions such as high-res photo imaging (called photogrammetry) and high-res laser scanning (LiDAR).

Conduct a thorough google research, checkout official websites or pay personal visits to company offices to gather as much information about their service offerings. Ensure the above checklist and make a wise choice.

CORE Geomatics
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