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Draw Rick and Morty: Made by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, “Rick and Morty” has become a religion’s most cherished vivified series known for its unique blend of science fiction, humor, and regularly crazy conditions. The show’s indisputable visual style contributes to its charm, quickly making characters like Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith prominent. If you love the show, you’re impeccably situated and must go after drawing its prominent characters. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll take you through the most well-known approach to drawing Rick and Morty.

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Draw Rick and Morty

Materials You’ll Need:

Before you start drawing, guarantee you have the going with materials accessible:

Pencil: A typical pencil (HB or 2B) for drawing and representing.

Eraser: A respectable eraser to address messes up and refine your lines.

Paper: Use an ideal piece of paper or a sketchbook.

Markers or Tinted Pencils: If you want to add tone to your drawing, have a couple of markers or concealed pencils ready.

Stage 1: Fundamental Shapes

Start by attracting crucial shapes to approach the characters’ degrees. For Rick, draw an oval for his head and a greater oval for his body. Morty’s head is oval yet barely humble, and his body is more rectangular. These shapes will form the foundation for the rest of the drawing.

Stage 2: Facial Features

Drawing Rick:

Eyes: Put two circles on Rick’s head for his eyes. He normally has a somewhat excited explanation, so make the eyes disproportionate and determined.

Eyebrows: Draw thick, shaggy eyebrows over his eyes, ascertaining them upwards to convey his brand name’s dubious or disturbed look.

Nose: Rick’s nose is an essential round shape between his eyes. It shouldn’t worry about being exorbitantly low down.

Mouth: Add a wide, twisted line under the nose to make his mouth. You can give him a devious grin or a suspicious scoff.

Crimps and Lines: Rick’s face is stacked with wrinkles and lines, exhibiting his age and somewhat messed up. Add free, twisted lines around his eyes, sanctuary, and mouth.

Drawing Morty:

Eyes: Draw two circles for Morty’s eyes. Keep them greater and closer together than Rick’s eyes.

Eyebrows: Unlike Rick, Morty has more slim eyebrows that are ordinarily raised, reflecting his uneasiness.

Nose: Like Rick’s, Morty’s nose is a clear round shape between his eyes.

Mouth: Make a little, hardly open mouth for Morty. This will add to his image name-focused enunciation.

Stage 3: Body and Clothing

Drawing Rick:

Sterile coat: Rick generally wears a white sterile coat. Sketch the diagram of the coat, guaranteeing it’s more restricted than his body and doesn’t cover his entire legs.

Shirt and Pants: Under the sterile coat, draw the format of a blue shirt and faint pants. Keep the shapes direct and free.

Neckline and Tie: Add a little neckline at the most elevated mark of the sterile coat and a free tie remaining close to Rick’s neck.

Drawing Morty:

Shirt and Pants: Morty wears a yellow shirt and Levis. Sketch the conditions of his dress, keeping the lines free and not exorbitantly distinct.

Shoes: Draw his essential sneakers at the lower part of his legs.

Stage 4: Hair and Decorations

Drawing Rick:

Hair: Rick’s hair is messy and wiry. Use short, harsh lines to make his hair, guaranteeing it stands apart all around.

Eyebrows and Facial Nuances: Add more lines to portray his shaggy eyebrows and crimps on his forehead.

Additional items: Rick, much of the time, has a drool stain on his sterile piece of clothing, and you can add a carafe or other legitimate gadget in his sterile piece of clothing pocket.

Drawing Morty:

Hair: Morty’s hair is an essential, to some degree, tangled style. Use twisted lines to depict his hair without an overabundance of detail.

Ears: Draw his ears as fundamental twisted shapes on either side of his head.

Verbalization Lines: Use light lines to highlight Morty’s focus on pronunciation. Add a sprinkle of uneasiness to his components.

Stage 5: Tweaking and Outlining

After you’ve illustrated the two characters’ major shapes, facial features, bodies, and dresses, this present time is the perfect open door to refine your drawing. Use a hazier pencil or pen to approach the characters, making their shapes more described and adding any little nuances you could have missed.

Stage 6: Changing it up

If you want to add tone to your drawing, now’s the amazing chance to get it going. Use markers or concealed pencils to revive Rick and Morty. Remember the shades of their clothing and hair, and feel free to get creative with covering to add significance to your drawing.

Stage 7: Last Contacts

At the point when you’ve mixed it up and any additional nuances, take a step back and evaluate your drawing. Roll out any fundamental improvements or reviews to ensure your characters look how you want them to.

Take your Rick and Morty drawing to a more significant level:

The spots are for each situation uncommonly innovative; you could permit your imaginative psyche to meander indiscriminately. What regions could you use anytime? There are furthermore stores of uncommon and heavenly characters in the series. These characters would, in like manner, be charming to add to this drawing of Rick and Morty! You could add a couple of characters from Morty’s family, like Beth, Jerry, and Summer. There are furthermore a couple of crazy characters like Mr. Meeseeks or Rick’s buddy Birdperson.

Rick and Morty is an extraordinarily lovely and joyful show, which suggests you can investigate various roads for colors for this drawing. Assuming you want to recreate the assortment plan of the show, shaded pens, and markers would be wonderful. Similarly, You could use additional splendid paints like acrylics for pop colors. Having more smothered colors would similarly be interesting, so don’t hesitate to investigate!

Your Rick and Morty Drawing is Done!

These characters are known for the odd encounters they set out upon, and we believe that you participated in the drawing experience. This helper on the most ideal way to draw Rick and Morty! Drawing characters like this can be extremely challenging whether or not you’re extraordinarily familiar with them, so this guide made it tomfoolery and basic for you to do. There’s a lot of room for you to display your imaginative psyche as you finish this image.

The show is similarly known for the inconsistent, splendid settings the stories occur in, and you could live it up by making silliness starting point for them. What kind of setting might you put these two explorers in at any point? You can visit our site when ready to take on another drawing challenge.

Our many drawing guides cover everything from eminent characters to awesome animals, so keep enrolling to experience our reliably creating decision! We would like to see how your Rick and Morty drawing arose, so mercifully offer the finished picture on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!


Drawing characters like Rick and Morty can be a silliness and compensating experience, especially for devotees of the show. Review that cautious discipline achieves promising outcomes, and cheer up if your most essential undertaking doesn’t turn out to be positive as you imagined. You’ll see improvement over time as you continue to draw and attempt various things with different procedures. So grab your materials, channel your internal expert, and share while restoring these dearest characters on paper!

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