How do I Turn off Monetization of YouTube on my Phone?

The second most visited website in the world, behind Google, is YouTube. On YouTube, there are more than 1 billion daily visitors.

The marketing of YouTube has been controversial for a long time. Some contend that YouTube should be a free service for all users, while others contend that it should only be a paid service for those creating original content.

YouTube presently has free and paid levels, but most of the material is free.

This article will primarily discuss youtube monetization, like how to turn on or off your youtube monetization, and many more. Read the article below to clarify doubts regarding the youtube monetization topic.

How can you monetize your YouTube channel?

Monetizing your Youtube channel indicates that you are willing to get paid for your creative videos.

Several methods exist to monetize YouTube material, but advertising is the most common.

YouTube advertising can be a great method to create revenue. It can be accomplished in various methods, including display advertising, video ads, and partnerships.

You can also monetize your channel using YouTube Red, a paid subscription programme providing viewers with an ad-free experience and exclusive material.

Finally, you can monetize your platform by marketing goods or services.

How do you enable YouTube advertising on your smartphone?

You must activate monetization in your YouTube account options to benefit from your videos. You must connect your AdSense account to your YouTube page to make money after enabling monetization.

To earn your YouTube account, you must first take a few steps.

Here’s step-by-step guidance for enabling revenue and connecting your AdSense account to your YouTube channel:

  1. To begin, you must allow revenue on your YouTube account. Go to your channel preferences after logging into your YouTube account.
  2. Select “Allow” under the “monetization” area. To do so, go to your YouTube settings and pick “monetize your account.”
  3. After you’ve activated advertising, you’ll need to connect your YouTube account to an AdSense account to make money from your channel.

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your AdWords account to your YouTube page.

  1. After you’ve connected your YouTube account to AdSense, you’ll need to enter your payment details. To begin getting payments from YouTube, you must first provide your name, location, and bank account details.

You must examine and approve YouTube’s monetization rules after linking your accounts.

  1. Once your payment information has been entered, you can make and post videos to your channel. Once YouTube has approved your movies, they will begin making money from advertisements on your videos.

That’s all! You are now prepared to begin making money from YouTube.

How do you disable YouTube advertising on your phone?

On YouTube, you can disable advertising in a variety of methods.

Navigate to your channel preferences and select the “monetization” page. Under the “monetize my channel” area, click the “Disable” option.

The second method is to go to your video manager and change the monetization options for each video separately. To do so, hover your mouse over the monetization symbol next to each video and select “off”.

Third, you can disable YouTube monetization on your phone by opening the YouTube app, going to the menu, selecting “Settings,” and then deactivating the “Monetization” option. It ensures that any videos you watch on YouTube are free of advertisements.

Finally, you can request that your channel be removed from the YouTube Partner Program by contacting YouTube directly. You can no longer monetize your videos if your channel is removed.

Why should YouTube monetization be turned off?

The latest move by YouTube to stop monetizing for select producers is a development for the site. This adjustment will lessen the quantity of inappropriate content monetized on the site and help level the playing pitch for all publishers.

Although not all YouTube producers may agree with this choice, it ultimately helps the community. This modification will help us maintain YouTube as a secure and entertaining user environment.

On websites like YouTube, turning off your monetization tools is a growing trend. Several people engage in it to show that money is not their motivation. They aim to show their audience that they create content for enjoyment rather than financial benefit.

This trend is wonderful! It is crucial to show your visitors that your content is important to you and not just the money. It will help to establish a closer connection between you and your audience. Turn off your monetization features if you’re considering doing so!

Benefits of turning off YouTube monetization

While many YouTube users view advertising as a vital part of their video-sharing experience, disabling it may be beneficial.

The advantages of turning off YouTube monetization are many and significant.

One benefit is that it could encourage you to concentrate more on producing top-notch content. When you aren’t concerned about making money off your movies, you have more flexibility to be inventive and provide valuable content to your audience.

Another benefit is that it could make it easier for you to build stronger relationships with your audience. Viewers are more inclined to trust and interact with your material if they realize you are not profiting from their thoughts.

And disabling YouTube’s monetization may boost your long-term success. As YouTube’s algorithm favours videos with a lot of interaction, you’ll have more success if your videos get more likes, comments, and shares over time.

Even unmonetized videos can bring in money for YouTube through advertising and perhaps qualify for partnerships.

However, non-monetized videos are exempt from the same content limitations because the YouTube Partner Program Rules do not bind them.

YouTube users have more artistic freedom and greater post-approval freedom.


Finally, whether or not you want to monetize your YouTube channel is entirely up to you. Both have advantages.

Choose the option which suits your requirements.

YouTube is a great platform to showcase your creativity and earn a living.

You must be consistent and work with a positive mindset to gain success in the long run. This article has covered almost all the important points required to understand YouTube monetization clearly.

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