How to draw Medusa – Step by Step Guide

How to draw Medusa

How to draw Medusa – Step by Step TutorialGuide Medusa in 6 simple tasks!

How to draw medusa in just six steps Greek folklore has numerous legends and beasts that have caught the creative mind until now. Of this large number of characters, Medusa is the most impressive! This beast has a head loaded with living snakes and can transform a man into stone if he investigates his eyes. He discovers that his main arrangement is to draw Medusa and it’s tomfoolery and tomfoolery. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, cartoon drawing, cool drawings cute drawing, flowers drawing, cute drawing, puppy drawing, and dog drawing.

In this instructional exercise, I will zero in more on drawing! You partake in this bit-by-bit instructional practice on the numerous skilled methods to entice a jellyfish in only 6 phases. the most effective method to attract Medusa 6 stages

Instructions to draw Medusa – begin!

1 stage

drawing Medusa Stage 1 Let’s start this instructional exercise on the best way to draw Medusa; we’ll begin with the face. You could be pardoned for feeling that she seems to be a normal lady! First, we will begin with the eyes, which will be drawn with genuinely thick lines. Then, at that point, a little circle is drawn inside everyone with spots inside.

We should involve a few adjusted yet calculated lines for her eyebrows and make that shape extraordinary. Then, you can involve two bent lines for the scaffold of the nose and draw the sides and nose a little underneath. Finally, you can draw the mouth, which will be somewhat downwards, to open it more strongly. This step can subsequently be achieved through the elements of his face.

Stage 2: Then draw the main snakes on the head.

draws Medusa level 2 We said Medusa has a head loaded with living snakes for hair; we should draw the first for your Medusa. We will keep the hair snakes both similarly even, and you can attract the initial two snakes’ minds. Utilize a few bent lines for the wavy bodies, and draw little faces for the finishes afterward. We’ll add significantly more snakeheads in the following steps, so how about we go?

Stage 3: Draw a few snakes for hair.

draws Medusa level 3 This step of the instructional exercise where Medusa draws can be scary since, in this step, we will measure a bunch of reptiles to her chair. This isn’t as troublesome as it appears, and we will do it cautiously and gradually. The most effective way to finish this step is to begin here and cautiously allude to the reference picture you are drawing.

Snakes have a ton of bends in their bodies, and it means a lot to attempt to make the bodies consistently interface with the heads. When you have finished one side of the snake’s head, you can cause the balanced example that you have drawn on the opposite side. You can duplicate the reference picture on this page or attempt to duplicate your drawing! When you are prepared, we will move to stage 4.

Stage 4: Presently draw more snakes.

draws Medusa level 4 In the past piece of Medusa, we added a mass of snakes to the top portion of the head, and presently, we center around the centerpiece of the head. In this part, we will add the five heads of snakes and their comparing turned bodies. Here is another step that might appear interesting, but assuming you move slowly and follow the example, you’ll be fine! Then, we can finish the subtleties in the subsequent last part.

Stage 5: Complete the Medusa drawing.

drawing Medusa Level 5 You have drawn the vast majority of the snakes, which I will include in this instructional exercise on how to draw Medusa, and in this part, we will add the last ones. These leftovers of snakes encompassed his head, with snakes at the top and the base! You can see one snake coming from the top and three coming from the lower part of his face.

With the remainder of the snakes added you are prepared to continue to the last step! Before you do this, add the extra data you want. You could draw more from his body or a card showing a few casualties went to stone! How might you finish your arrangement before you get to the last step?

Reward: Utilize extra text styles to alter and work on this drawing.

This Medusa configuration, as of now, looks cool. However, there are numerous ways of making it much cooler and more customized. Before the last step, we needed to look at a couple of ways of customizing the plan.

We love her search in this plan, yet there are great ways of switching things up to make it more novel. One method for doing this is to mimic a genuine individual’s face.

You can pick however many individuals as models! It may be somebody you know, or you could pick your 1 big name. Utilizing your future incredible


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