How to Test Interior Designer in Lahore Skills

Once you understand what skills an Interior Designer in Lahore must possess, the next step should be evaluating these capabilities and hiring one who fits your specifications.

Asking friends and family for referrals or reaching out to local design firms are great places to start when hiring an Interior Designer in Lahore for one-off tasks or the redesign of an individual room.

For larger projects like interior designing an entire home or office, however, you will want to carefully assess each application and hire people who will deliver outstanding results. Interior design can be expensive so don’t waste your money by making poor hires.

Though portfolios and physical projects provide evidence of designers’ abilities, it may not be practical to review each applicant’s portfolio individually. Instead, Test Gorilla provides a massive library of specialized online assessments to evaluate an applicant’s skillsets, knowledge base and capabilities.

Where to Locate an Interior Designer

Although you could easily search Google with terms like “hire an interior designer near me”, and receive some results, this may not be the best way to identify talented interior designers; you may simply be viewing those with SEO-optimized websites or Google My Business pages that match up to what talent there may be out there.

Try these strategies instead for hiring interior designers:

Referrals and recommendations

Utilize your local network by seeking advice and recommendations from friends, family, neighbors and coworkers in order to get an idea of local designers.

Your real estate agent might know of good designers, or alternatively you could try searching Facebook groups (or Reddit channels) of your local community where information can be crowdsourced.

Referrals and recommendations can be an effective way to find an interior designer that has done good work in the past; plus, this gives you an opportunity to ask additional questions of those recommending them and decide whether they fit with your needs.

Social media and online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Houzz provide access to a vast number of interior designers showing their portfolios and projects. It’s an easy way of reviewing their work, pricing and customer reviews and can help you locate both individual designers as well as design firms.

Search various styles and designs until you discover one whose work aligns perfectly with your vision.

Professional Associations

One way to make the interior designer hiring process more formal and professional is to reach out to industry organizations such as the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Interior Design Society (IDS), or International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

Interior design organizations maintain directories of qualified interior designers that contain information such as their degrees, experience years, licenses and skills – making them reliable sources for finding reliable interior designers.

Sample interior designer job description templates

This job description template is ideal for an agency seeking a designer, however parts can also be utilized if you’re renovating your house or office. In such instances, make the job description shorter while providing clear explanation of your project requirements.

Note, however, if you’re redesigning an apartment or office specifically, it might be wiser to post about it on local social media groups or Craigslist rather than LinkedIn or similar platforms.

How much does an interior designer cost?

Interior designers’ fees or salaries depend on several factors, including project scope, client needs, experience level and other relevant variables.

According to, hiring a designer on a project basis could range between $450 and $1500 per room or $5 to $12 per square foot – these fees typically include consultation services, design work and furniture installation services.

Glassdoor estimates the median salary of interior designers as $69,000 annually; salaries can range anywhere between that figure and over $110,000 annually. Many interior designers work freelance or contract basis through agencies, so their annual income depends on what work they undertake and their charges.

Hire the top interior designer who has proven their abilities

Reading resumes, reviewing portfolios, and shortlisting candidates can be daunting tasks. With pre-employment skills testing you can streamline the interior designer hiring process and save valuable time.

Create up to five skills tests that assess candidates in key areas and interview top talent; this will allow you to quickly find and hire the perfect interior designer for your project. With this step complete, you can be assured of making a sound hiring decision and find yourself the ideal interior designer!

Start using Test Gorilla today and find an interior designer without bias and stress! Start a free trial to find your ideal designer without bias or stress!

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