Kayo Activation via a Smart TV

Kayo & Binge – kayosports.com.au/connect We’ve updated this instruction based on recent searches for Kayo Activation in the Kayo/Binge App! Kayo will be activated on your Smart TV today at kayosports.com.au/connect. If you enjoy watching sports, you should be familiar with Kayo.

How to Activate Kayo via kayosports.com.au/connect

It is Australia’s largest live streaming service. It is among the top streaming services in the globe. Kayo is the most cost-effective option to watch sports feeds. Kayo is compatible with any device, including smartphones, Apple TV, and computers.

How to activate Kayo on any device? 

Take any device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and login into Kayo if you don’t have an account already then make one.

  1. If you haven’t already, download the KAYO app for your Smart TV. Then you can download it.
  2. Launch the Kayo App on your Smart TV.
  3. Then you’ll see an eight-digit activation code. Make a note of the code.
  4. After that open your browser and search for a URL kayosports.com.au/connect using your Mobile/Tablet/PC
  5. Previously you have noted down the code and entered the same code on the official website.
  6. Hit the “Continue Button
  7. After entering the code, the device will be activated.
  8. Now your profile is ready and you are fully set to enjoy the sport in the Kayo app.

NOTE – You must have the same network connectivity on both your Smart TV and the device from which you intend to activate the code via the official website!

For more device activation processes check the below steps – 

How to activate Kayo using QR-Code [Easy Way]

Today we’ll go over the simplest approach to activate the Kayo app on our Smart TVs using a QR-Code. However, the feature is not available on all devices. So, as soon as you sign in to your Kayo app, you can see if QR-Code activation is possible! Let’s walk through the entire QR-Code activation process.

Step 1: Launch the Kayo app on your Smart TV. If you did not install the app, you can try installing it from the Play Store or the default TV Store if you are an Android user.

Step 2: Click the “Sign In” button. You can see if your smartphone supports QR-Code in the image below.

Step 3 – This is the most important step. Scanning the QR-Code on your TV screen with your smartphone will take you to Kayo’s official activation page, https://www.authstreamotionactivate.com/.

Step 4 – Don’t worry, Kayo will do our critical task.The browser will retrieve the 6-digit code. We must press the confirm button.

Step 5 – Press the “Confirm” button. Your television will automatically sign in, choose your profile, and begin streaming!

For More Information About kayosports.com.au/connect code And binge.com.au/connect PLease Visit: Auth Strea Motion Activate

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