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This is a very good point since it shows that the prices are cheaper when you make a large quantity purchase.




LED Module Wholesale are increasingly being used all over the world as a source of light because of the advantages that they have over the traditional sources of light. Following the increasing trend of LED usage, most customers are interested in acquiring bulk LED modules to meet large scales requirement or for regular restocking. Purchasing the LED Modules in large quantity can result in a large cost reduction, although, it is imperative to source from a reliable supplier, a company that stocks a wide range of LED Modules in stock and delivers within the shortest time possible.


This paper aims at comparing the cost of buying the LED modules in wholesale and the cost of buying them in retail so as to identify the cost savings that are incurred from buying the LED modules in wholesale.


The first benefit that is evident with the purchase of LED modules is the cost saving that comes with a bulk purchase. Bulk buying by the buyers of modules offer the possibility of getting better prices from the supplier and therefore achieve better prices of the LEDs per unit. Distributors are cheaper in the per unit price when the quantities purchased are in large because they are able to schedule the flow of stocks and shipments better.  


Further cost reductions emanate from economies of scale regarding shipment costs in cases of purchasing pallets or boxes containing modules. One large shipment is cheaper in terms of per item or per pound compared to multiple small parcels regardless the fact that shipping charges are relatively higher for large shipment. Think about the distinction between the need to ship 100 LED modules in small boxes instead of one big one.


Challenges in Searching for a Suitable LED Module Wholesale Supplier There are several factors that one needs to consider when it comes to searching for a suitable LED module wholesale supplier.


However, these benefits must be accompanied by a search for a suitable supplier in order to purchase an LED module wholesale. Factors to evaluate include:


Broad product selection

A good wholesale distributor should have a wide array of LED module type to cater the specific requirements of a certain area such as linear modules for office lighting, downlight panels for ceiling, strips for accentuation, among others.  


Stock availability 

This aspect should be managed by stocking the most frequently ordered models as opposed to using drop-ship or order from the factory which may take at least weeks. Inquire about how many units and which types of LED modules are kept in stock for immediate shipment.


Quality and testing standards

Major LED module manufacturers incorporate quality control testing before they are sent out of the production floor to check for metrics such as brightness, power use, lifespan, heat resistance among other features. The wholesale company should deliver reporting that indicates the modules that have passed through the QA checks.  


Order customization

Although in most cases there are available stock modules for use, some wholesale buyers require unique LED solutions for an innovative use or appearance. Ask the supplier if it offers other custom services such as assembling modules for specific form factors or LED configurations not available in the standard version available in the market.


Responsive support and service

If a couple of LEDs die on the LED module or some components come loose, then an otherwise good LED module will have to be replaced. The supplier should have good return and exchange policy and good customer care service to assist clients on any query or problem that might arise concerning wholesale orders. Frequent returns should not be allowed to drag down the installation speed.


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