Need a Bobcat Mini Skid Steer Riding Platform Replacement? Here’s the One You Need

Got a Bobcat mini skid steer? Need a replacement riding platform, or are you looking for a Bobcat mini skid steer riding platform that is, in a word, better?

Quit looking – Spartan Equipment has what you need. They carry riding platforms for the MT50, MT52, and MT55, which, though they require some custom installation, are simpler, tougher, and better designed.

Here’s what you need to know.

Bobcat Mini Skid Steer Riding Platform Replacements for the MT50, MT52, and MT55

Spartan Equipment’s Bobcat mini skid steer riding platform for the MT50 walk-behind compact track loader is 16”x24”x2”, is made of durable, ⅜” steel, and features a fold-up design for easy storage when not in easy.

This one will require some custom installation because the MT50 requires a flat bar to be welded onto the counterweights at the rear; it will also require the use of nylon nuts.

Spartan Equipment also makes a riding platform for MT52 and MT55 mini skid steers. These feature the same dimensions and general design as the platforms for the MT50, but this one does not require a custom installation.

Installation is simple and straightforward; simply bolt the platform on.

Both of these riding platforms are covered by Spartan Equipment with a generous 30-day warranty subject to certain conditions; visit their website for more information.

Both of these Bobcat mini skid steer riding platform replacements are also designed to fold up for easy storage when not in use and offer another very significant benefit to operators.

They enable you to leverage your body weight at the rear of the machine, which is a big bonus when operating the machine with compatible mini skid steer attachments.

This, in turn, improves the operating lift capacity of the machine by allowing to you use your own weight as a counterbalance.

This brings up another good point about why Spartan Equipment is the name to trust for mini skid steer equipment and attachments.

Why Spartan Equipment?

If you have a Bobcat mini skid steer, chances are that, at some point, you’re going to need more than just a compatible riding platform for your machine.

You might even need some Bobcat-compatible parts, mounts, or mini skid steer attachments.

Spartan Equipment makes those too. In fact, Spartan Equipment makes one of the largest ranges of skid steer attachments in the industry.

They offer augers, buckets, brush cutters, grapple buckets and rakes, concrete breakers, rock buckets, tillers, stump grinders, pallet forks, trenchers, backfillers, soil conditioners, and much more.

This list is not exhaustive. For a full list of Spartan Equipment mini skid steers attachments, visit the previous link.

Their collection of mini track loader attachments is compatible with major skid steer brands, including Bobcat.

But Spartan Equipment attachments are better for a reason. They will Never Surrender and are made in the United States with American steel only – never cheap chinese imports.

Spartan Equipment’s attachments are also covered by generous warranties and top-tier customer support.

If you’ve ever experienced an issue with an unreliable skid steer attachment in the past, Spartan Equipment may be able to help you out.

They are the antidote to low-quality, foreign-made attachments that just can’t go when the going gets tough.

Where Can You Learn More About Industry-Leading Mini Skid Steer Attachments That Will Never Surrender

If you’re tired of low-quality attachments that are not compatible with your machine and want to know what Spartan Equipment offers, get in touch with them.

You can learn more on their website, but you can also contact them directly at 1-888-888-1085 for more information.

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