Safety Measures That Every Drilling Company in British Columbia

Working on a drilling site is a complicated business. It has a lot of people working on a project, with heavy machinery, and in different kinds of scenarios.

There are water lines, gas lines, electricity lines, the weather, and other external factors like traffic playing a major role in it.

A drilling company in British Columbia shall ensure that they operate keeping all these potential hazards in mind. This is to ensure that the safety of the team working on the project is taken care of and the project eventually runs smoothly.

Here are some of the steps that every great drilling company in British Columbia to ensure that their projects are completed keeping every safety precaution in mind.

Safety Tips & Steps Taken by Drilling Companies in British Columbia

1. Using Reliable and Bright Lighting

Drilling projects can go for long hours. It is imperative that at any hour of the day that the team is working on a project, they are able to operate without any hurdles.

That is why good lighting plays an important role in ensuring that the drilling company can work without any hindrance and in complete safety.

What’s even better is installing safety signs and boards across the drilling site.

2. Emergency Response Plan

While many drilling companies prepare for the usual stuff, there has to be a robust fool-proof plan for an unprecedented emergency as well.

A well-put and briefed emergency plan can prove to be very helpful at a drilling site. The emergency plan should differ as per the location, type of job being undertaken, the number of people involved, and much more.

3. Pre-Drill Safety Audit

Another thing that has to be pre-planned is analyzing the workflow and the location in which the project is being undertaken. Creating a predetermined analysis can help the entire team be aware of the dangers, issues, and dos and don’t that are to be taken care of.

After the analysis is done a briefing should be done with all the team members so that everyone is on the same page pertaining to the things to keep in mind.

4. Safety Gear

Safety gear comes as an unsaid aspect of the entire safety procedure. The entire team, who’s on the site should be adept and provided with proper safety gear and clothing.

Reflective vests, helmets, that are regularly inspected for any cracks or damages, and safety goggles wherever required are some prerequisites to complete an entire safety gear kit.

Apart from this, there should be other equipment such as fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, and an emergency room present at every site.

5. Conditions of the site

The work site of a drilling project can turn from a normal work site to an extremely dangerous zone if things are not looked into properly.

Ensuring that the workplace is in a good condition every time is one of the most basic things to look out for. Paths should be clear of any stray material. Workplace guidelines should be communicated and followed strictly by everyone present there.

Railings, guardrails, and toe boards should be included at places where required.

Conclusion: Best Drilling Companies in British Columbia

Safety is one of the least looked at aspects by prospective customers when looking for a drilling company in British Columbia. It doesn’t play an important role in their notion for them to make a decision.

However, one thing that’s often overlooked is that the importance of safety on the drilling site can, directly and indirectly, impact the project very much. A drilling company that takes care of safety on their sites can ensure that every teammate is safe, able to work efficiently and get the project ready in no time.

Atlas Piling is one of the drilling companies in British Columbia that takes the safety of its team members very seriously. They apply the best and most ethical practices to provide the right working environment that is conducive to any project’s completion.

Reach out to Atlas Piling today for any drilling-related queries.

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