The Powerful and Stunning Tiger Eye Stone – Why You Should Wear it?

Tiger Eye gemstone as the name suggests looks exactly like the eye of a tiger with a golden brown hue. The resemblance is uncanny so the gemstone is in demand all the time. The collectors often want this stone in their collection.

This stone is also used for jewelry making all over the world as it is quite popular. Alongside its beauty, the stone is known for its astrological significance.

Astrologers believe this stone has the power to protect the person who wears it as well as it can encourage the wearer. This stone has many other benefits that the wearer gets which we will discuss in this article.

Know why the tiger’s eye gemstone is beneficial for you and why you should wear it.

Astrological Benefits of Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Tiger Eye Stone is a magnificent stone with a golden luster which is said to have many metaphysical and physical properties.  Tiger’s eye is a stone for confidence, clarity, creativity, courage,  balance, healing, and love.

Many benefits of wearing a Tiger Eye Stone are as follows:

    • The tiger’s eye stone has a golden warm hue in it which ancients believe is the power of the afternoon sun. Hence, it is said that the tiger eye gemstone reflects light and positivity in the wearer’s life.

    • The tiger’s eye gemstone increases the self-confidence of the wearer, it helps in enhancing the ability to speak up, to carry the body language with self-belief and so helps the wearer be persuasive.

    • The tiger stone flows a positive energy through the wearer which decreases anxiety and stress. Plus depression is also reduced through this stone which is why it is highly recommended for students who suffer from tension and anxiety. It helps the person see the positive aspects of life.

    • The tiger’s eye gemstone also increases the focus and concentration of the wearer.

    • The tiger’s eye gemstones are balances the energies of the person and help in bringing peace.

    • It is also helpful in bringing harmony to one’s life. Hence this stone will be very beneficial for you if you are having trouble maintaining love and harmony in your relationships.

    • The tiger’s eye gemstone also enhances willpower in its wearer. It makes the person more realistic and helps to face his fears and overcome obstacles.

    • This gemstone also promotes the creative side of the person, i.e. it will help you with your imagination powers so if you work in the artistic field this stone is a perfect fit for you.

    • The tiger eye gemstone is also said to physically heal a person with respect to curing problems related to the eyes, throat, reproductive organs, digestive system, etc.

Overall, the tiger’s eye gemstone is a powerful stone that can change a person’s life in all three terms – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Before wearing a gemstone it is essential that you consult an astrologer. An astrologer will guide you the best about the guidelines of wearing the tiger’s eye gemstone. If the gemstone is suitable for your birth chart you can wear the stone easily and get its full advantages.

Original Tiger Eye Stone Price

The Original tiger eye stone price in India starts from the range of INR 800 per carat to INR 3500 per carat.

Although, the cost of the gemstone varies a lot depending on a number of factors such as cut, color quality, weight, origin, and fineness of the gemstone. The finer the gemstone will be, the higher it will cost.

In Conclusion

For centuries, the Tiger’s eye gemstone is worn by people from different cultures and religions as a protective charm. Its ability to promote courage, and confidence in the wearer and its resemblance with the tiger’s eye makes the belief more strong.

It is said that this stone has immense power off keeping the wearer safe. The stone keeps the negative energies away and protects from evil spirits as well as any harm.

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