Top Online Polygon Courses in 2023

When people talk about the latest and most advanced technology, Blockchain is on the list. Blockchain has helped many companies in their business and is ready to enter more industries. Every day, you get to hear something new developed under Blockchain technology, increasing people’s interest in it. With increasingly growing companies looking forward to the Blockchain as a solution, they want to hire experts in this field.

One such feature of Blockchain is the polygon. It is a way through which you can develop multi-chain Blockchain systems. These systems are created so that they can work properly with Ethereum. Nowadays, companies are looking to hire people with polygon certification. Read along if you also want to know more about the polygon course.

Top Online Polygon Courses In 2023

Below are some of the top polygon training you can join to be an expert in this field. There are different courses, and each has something unique; hence, you should choose the course that suits your requirement. Also, check the various opportunities you can get from that specific course.

1. Certified Polygon Expert™ by Blockchain Council

This course teaches you the different polygon development frameworks and environments, polygon ecosystems, polygon smart contracts, and polygon Dapps overview and development. This polygon course 2023, is suitable for students, Blockchain developers, crypto-analysts, and crypto-learners.

2. Design and Development in Polygon (Matic)

This course, you will learn more about the multi-chain system and how it can work with Ethereum most comfortably and efficiently. You can also expect to start working as a polygon developer after you finish this polygon course.

3. Blockchain Development Guide: Polygon

This course teaches you how to deploy layer 2, production-ready and scalable Dapps. After completing this course, you will be efficient in deploying any Dapp on a polygon. You can also build anything on top of any protocol on the polygon. This course will also teach solidity and react development and how to interact with smart contracts on the polygon.

To do this course, you need a basic understanding of solidity and react, suitable for beginner Web3 learners.

4. Polygon Fundamentals

Anyone who wishes to completely understand what a polygon is and how to use it should go for this polygon training. It is the perfect course, where you will be taught about the challenges, use cases, and advantages of using the polygon. This course will also help you build your skill as a polygon developer.

Through this course, you will also be able to expand your understanding of Blockchain technologies and decentralized apps. Additionally, it will further teach you why polygons are needed for the growth of Dapps. You will also be able to understand the polygon’s architecture and how it works in the polygon ecosystem.

It is the perfect platform to learn about polygon transactions and the best practices for developing the polygon Blockchain. This course is suitable for program or product managers who are already into creating solutions on Polygon; or someone who is interested in DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, or Dapps. Also, if you are a software architect, engineer, or developer who wants to learn the latest Blockchain applications. And moreover, you can even go for this course if you are an entrepreneur looking for Blockchain and polygon for your business.

After you finish this polygon certification, you will be proficient enough to cover the gap between training and becoming an expert. The advantage of this course is that you don’t need any pre-requirements. Simply put, anyone who wishes to learn polygons can take this course, although Blockchain knowledge will be an added advantage.

5. Live Training#2 – Develop Blockchain Apps on Polygon

This particular course deals with how to create Blockchain apps on the polygon. This 1-hour training will advise on how polygons work, how to deploy a smart contract on a polygon, and how to use the ETH – polygon bridge.

For this course, you must have a basic understanding of NodeJS, command line, Ethereum, Solidity, ERC20, and Truffle. You should also know about Windows 8/10, Mac OS, and recent versions of Ubuntu.

6. Polygon Development

This course is best for Blockchain developers looking to learn how to build apps on the polygon. Since more and more apps are built on polygons, it is the right time to invest in this course and be a subject matter expert.

For this course, you must understand command line, NodeJS, Ethereum, ERC20, Solidity, and Truffle. You should also know about Windows 8/10, Mac OS, and recent versions of Ubuntu.

7. Introduction to Polygon and its Architecture

This course is perfect for people who wish to explore polygon architecture and networks. Through this course, you will understand how Blockchain technology can be of excellent help in the real world. You should definitely go for this course if you are a developer or a user looking to build decentralized applications on the polygon.

This course will also teach you about next-generation Blockchain platforms such as polygon API, polygon wallet, polygon SDK, and polygon explorer. So, if you wish to explore the polygon network and architecture, you should consider joining this course.

Here, you will also understand the difference between Ethereum and polygon and how polygon works as a plasma chain.

8. Polygon Fellowship 2023

Polygon Fellowship 2023 is an eight-week course organized to help students and interested candidates find career opportunities in the Web3 development field. This course will offer scholarship opportunities to beginner and intermediate-level candidates attending seminars, workshops, and masterclasses to learn about Web3 development. The Polygon team organizes this fellowship in partnership with Devfolio.

Anybody with a technical background can join this course and be provided with the resources and technologies to understand the concept. There will be a selection process, and candidates will have to clear the same to be able to join the course.

Bottom Line

Polygon is the latest talk of the town, and in no time, companies will be looking to hire people from this background. If you complete this course at the right time, you will be able to grab opportunities in some of the well-known companies with even better pay packages. Moreover, the polygon has a significant role in developing the overall multi-chain systems in Blockchain technology.

You can visit the Blockchain Council’s website to learn more about polygon course and Blockchain technology certification. They have a lot of resources available to guide you on the best possible course and opportunities related to them.

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