Where to Buy LED Strip Lights: Vendor Profiling and Other Sources



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LED strip lights are widely used for various purposes now, both for accent lighting, and for task illumination in residential and commercial spaces. However, with the rapid development of technology, there are numerous kinds of products available on the market, so where can one purchase good quality and reasonably priced LED strip lights? Here you will find brief descriptions of some of the most suitable stores where you can buy these multi-functional lighting products.


General Online Retail Sites 


of course, giant online shops like Amazon and eBay also offer virtually limitless quantities of LED strip lights of varying quality from numerous independent merchants. Besides, the convenience and the affordability of such online market places make them good choices as well. However, this implies that the quality of products that is being sold by the different sellers in the sites may not be the same.


Chinese Wholesale Sites


Some websites, specifically based in China, include Alibaba, DHGate and others advertise direct-from-factory cost. This means that very low cost can be incurred in the purchase of LED strips for resale or other uses in the business. Nonetheless, the MOQs are often in hundreds of meters and can at times be in thousands of meters. For buyers using it as a supplement or as people who simply need some lighting at home, losing time to customs and paying for import taxes usually balances out any savings that may have been made.


Brick and Mortar Stores


Hardware Stores 


LED strip lighting for home use available in Home Depot and Lowe’s carries different kinds of lighting particularly for home uses. This makes it easier to collect them together and transport them alongside other electrical parts for a project on hand. The selection is lower, although, and it is a lot less than specialist LED websites.


Automotive Stores


Automotive aftermarkets stores such as Pep Boys, O’Reilly auto parts and AutoZone are some of the stores that display LED strip lights meant to be installed in/on cars. They have brands that are designed to cope with cars conditions such as vibrations, weather and DC power.


Electrical Distributors 


Electrical wholesale businesses such as Wesco, Rexel, Graybar are more oriented to contractors, but they can also have a store for end consumers. They order in massive quantities and can order unique LED products that the other outlets may not stock. This should be investigated for people who buy in large quantities or businesses that are in need of large fixtures for their facilities.


Lighting Showrooms


Some other trends recorded are the following; Retail lighting stores move more towards designer & custom fixtures. However, some like Lightology have a small variety of LED tape lighting which is available together with other modern lighting accessories for creating different moods and atmospheres.


Buy Direct from LED Strip Light Manufacturers


To buy from manufacturers of the LED strip lighting rather than going through a middleman, the reseller margin is eliminated which makes for better pricing in exchange for volume. This option works well for large-scale consumers like:This option works well for large-scale consumers like:


LED Installers 


Companies that are engaged in planning and implementing LED lighting for commercial use can develop wholesale deals with manufacturers of strip light. This comes with the advantage of below-retail cost pricing and thus higher profit margins in completed customer projects. That way, direct purchasing also helps in avoiding issues with stock and the consistency of the inventory.


OEM / Private Label Brands


LED strip light producers can approach original equipment manufacturers and request them to order the required products, which are specifically designed for integration into their products. It is the OEM’s brand name that gets associated with the lights instead of its actual maker. This helps companies to sell LED strips that have aesthetics and features that are close to the brands that they have.


Commercial End Users 


For specific commercial and industrial applications, larger lighting retrofits mean a potential for substantial cost savings by bypassing multiple layers of distribution. Negotiation of prices with suppliers also becomes possible in big projects and thus contributes to reduced acquisition costs. It may be coupled with payment/credit terms especially for blanket or scheduled quantities.


To sum up, LED strip lights are available for purchase from a wide variety of stores via the internet and physically. Other sources of LEDs can be found with specialized websites that provide many options and advice. There are many general e-commerce platforms which makes shopping convenient and economical. When it comes to buying in large quantities, the choice of procurement is most optimal when purchasing from the manufacturers. Depending on the needs of the individual applications, one can decide which is most suitable to use. Still, given that LED strips are universal and highly efficient in terms of electricity use, any lighting installation should consider how it might incorporate them.


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