Who, Why, and How Should You Wear Emerald Gemstone?

Mercury is associated with the natural Emerald Gemstone, also known as Panna. This gorgeous green blossom is a sight to behold due to its heavenly beauty and bright hue.

In mythology, Mercury is associated with money, eloquence, luck, and trade. An Emerald Gemstone can be worn by someone who wishes to impress Lord Mercury.

Original Panna stones must be chosen using astrological analysis, as well as consultation with a trained astrologer. Wear the stone according to the right processes and methods to get the most out of it.

Benefits of Emerald Gemstone

  • Natural Emerald stone wearers may feel an improvement in their creative abilities, ingenuity, and ability to organize their ideas. One of the key advantages of wearing an Emerald is this. As a result, it can help people advance in creative industries like writing, teaching, and even business.

  • An emerald stone user acquires significant intellectual capacity as well as the ability to examine reality more deeply and distinctively than others.

  • Wearing this gemstone may help a person gain recognition and a reputation in the field in which they are working so hard.

  • The Natural Panna stone is said to assist people come up with innovative ideas and products. The wearer may outperform the competition with the help of this stone.

  • Emerald may be a magical stone for your child if they struggle in school or if all of their efforts fall short of the desired result. This stone has an immediate impact on pupils’ understanding and improves their exam results.

Who can wear Panna Gemstones?

The original Panna stone is excellent for anybody born under the sign of Taurus because Taurus and Mercury are so harmonious. Increased earning potential, a continuous stream of riches, and job progress may be advantageous to a Taurian ascendant.

Geminis can also wear it since it is said to boost their self-confidence, immunity, attention, and focus. The Emerald Gemstone is supposed to enhance Leo’s good characteristics and profitability. The Emerald stone is also beneficial to Zodiac Virgos and  Libras.

Those whose astrological sign is  Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces, or Sagittarius, depending on Mercury’s location in the sign’s chart, wear the Panna stone.

How to wear An Original Emeralds Gemstone?

Make sure you follow these steps before purchasing an Emerald stone.

  • To access Mercury’s divine power, you must consult a skilled astrologer, and the Original Emerald Gemstone is only used under the expert guidance of a licensed astrologer.

  • The position of Mercury in your natal chart is critical to consider while undertaking astrological analysis. You’ll be able to detect if mercury is affecting you by whether your horoscope has a positive or negative line with it.

  • Make sure to buy Natural Emerald stones from a reputable retailer, such as Rashi Ratan Bhagya, which sells recognized and acknowledged gemstones.

  • Panna stone jewelry should be mounted in gold or silver.

  • Because Mercury is associated with this day, it is preferable to wear an emerald on a Wednesday morning during Sukla paksha.

  • Panna stones should be at least 1.5 carats in weight, but at least 5 carats for the greatest effects.

  • Wear the gemstone when sitting or standing on a green fabric that faces northeast.

  • To keep the gemstone’s efficacy and potency, clean it regularly.

How to Energize Your Precious Emeralds Gemstone?

To get the most out of the stone, it needs to be energized so that it can develop a strong connection with Mercury. Here’s how you use the stone:

Fill a pure Cooper/ Panch-Dhatu Bowl halfway with milk or Ganga jal and top with Tulsi leaves.

As you put the emerald gemstone in the container, 108 times the mantra related to the gemstone and mercury should be chanted.

Rituals must be performed at sunrise, with the gemstone placed in the container for 30-45 minutes.

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In Which Finger Emerald Stone is Worn?

Wearing an Original Emerald Gemstone on the right hand’s little or ring finger, or the working hand, is commonly indicated in the domains of Vedic astrology and gemstone knowledge, depending on the individual’s own astrological consultations or cultural conventions. Here are some common misconceptions about wearing a Natural Emerald Stone on your fingers:

Little Finger: According to traditional astrology and palmistry, the little finger is associated with the planet Mercury, which is the ruling planet of emeralds. Some astrologers propose wearing an emerald on the right hand’s little finger to enhance Mercury’s positive abilities.

Ring Finger: In astrological traditions other than the Vedic, the ring finger is frequently connected with the planet Mercury. As a result, some people may prefer to wear an emerald on their right ring finger for astrological or spiritual reasons.

Where to Buy an Natural Emerald Gemstone?

Emeralds are incredibly valuable gemstones. It is also one of the “Navaratnas,” or the nine most valuable and potent gemstones. On websites like Rashi Ratan Bhagya, you may now buy this unique and powerful gemstone. Since 1985, they have been a loose gemstone Wholesaler, specializing in red coral, sapphires, topaz, rubies, cat eyes, and many more Powerful, precious, and semi-precious gemstones at the lowest possible price with Certified authenticity.

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