5 Things to Do When Charged With OVI

DUI and OVI (operating vehicle impaired) is one of the serious offenses and can impact your reputation to many levels. The law varies from state to state and you will get punishment accordingly. Being charged with OVI can be severe and if you find yourself a victim, you will have to go through a process.

But understanding the steps and preparing yourself will make it easier for you to pass on this phase in your life. From hiring a lawyer to comprehending the punishment, here is a guide that you can consider for your help:

Write Everything Down

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is writing everything down. Once you are released from police custody, it is important for you to write down everything about the night and how you have been caught.

You can write down the questions you have been asked by police and in the investigation process. Writing it on paper will help you to have a statement.

You can write your activities before driving, where police pulled you over, and what type of test they took for sobriety exercise.

Contact an Attorney

If you find yourself a victim and not impaired while driving, the only professional help you can consider at that moment is hiring an OVI defense attorney.

The lawyer will work for you and protect your legal rights while you are in the process. The OVI charges are severe, and so are the penalties.

The lawyer will defend and collect the evidence that will give proof you weren’t impaired while driving. This way, your will get yourself out of the trouble with legal help by your side.

So, consider hiring the experienced and most reputed lawyer for your help in this matter.

Report to Court

If you are required to appear in court, never miss out on your date and appearance. This will help you with the process and prevent any further trouble in your matter.

So, keep the rules and process in your mind. Even if you are a victim, you need to go through this to make yourself out of it. Depending on the state you are living in, you will have to appear in court within the next 30 days of your arrest.

Carry Out Your Punishment

In case you are convicted of a crime of OVI, you will be sentenced to a variety of punishments like penalties, classes, probation, or any restriction on your license.

If you are punished for this offense, consider abiding by the rules to get your license back. This way, you will be able to enjoy the legal perks of being a citizen of the state.

Ensure You Are Insured

Lastly, you need to find out whether you are insured or not after the OVI charges. If you are convicted of the crime, the insurer will terminate your policy.

To find a new policy, you need to file an SR-22, which is similar to the legal requirements of your state. Understand your legal rights and choose the insurance policy that will offer you coverage by the time you are under the revocation period.

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