Can Lung Cancer Be Cured?

The quality of air has been getting degraded as we are becoming more tech-savvy, credit to the recent fourth industrial revolution and 3 priors as well. The plus side is that our (human beings) average life has increased to over 75 years. The negative side is that more people are getting diagnosed with lung cancer. Another advantage that we have is, medicines like Afatinib 30mg in the form of a tablet assist in curing the disease.

Lungs- Their basic functionality-

Let’s come to the basics. We have 2 lungs that help extract oxygen from the air and transfer it to the bloodstream. The next step that takes place is carbon dioxide is released from our bodies and the plants consume it, and the cycle repeats again.

With the backend functioning shared, the time has come to move toward the causes of it.

Types of lung cancer-

Broadly speaking, lung cancer is divided into 2 types.

  1. NSCLC or non-small cell lung cancer, and
  2. SCLC when expanded is referred to as small cell lung cancer.

The first one (NSCLC) is the most common and is generally found along glands that line one’s organs. Simply put, organs starting from the neck, esophagus, lungs, stomach, breast, pancreas, and colon come under this category.

In the second category, the rate of speed of cancer or unwanted cells is higher and can start or appear in other body organs as well.

Common causes of lung cancer-

1) As the 2 body organs help in respiration, consumption of tobacco products, whether chewing or smoking, is a major factor.

2) The generic observation done to date is that the disease’s treatment gets checked and examined in the middle or later stages.

3) A passive smoker or someone who inhales the same air while a person is smoking also gets affected.

4) Individuals with above-average BMI (Body Mass Index) also seem affected. Why you may ask? The reason is that the more body mass one has, the more activity and time it takes to reach the entire bloodstream.

NSCLC category is the found to be found and diagnosed more and the medicine, “Afatinib 30Mg in the form of a tablet” is one form of treatment for this type of lung cancer.

Treatment- Can lung cancer be cured? Find out here.

From the causes we have filtered down the symptoms below after which we will come to the treatment of it.

Symptoms generally encompass:

  1. Cough that doesn’t stop and a scenario where blood is also spilled alongside.

  2. Sudden and unexplainable weight loss alongside fatigue.

  3. Chest pain and difficulty breathing are also instances that lead to lung cancer.

How to treat lung cancer?

  1. It depends on which stage the patient has the cancer.

  2. Another factor is how much and to which all body organs have been affected.

  3. For how long did the patient consume or happened to be breathing tobacco-infested air?

The 3 above mentioned can be assumed to be broadly the factors that can help detect and tell how much can the disease be treated, and in what timeframe.

It’s after consulting a professional doctor and with a prescription only, Afatinib 30 mg tablet should be used as a treatment.

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