How to Change the Name on Delta Flight Tickets?

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines has always been one of the most authentic and reliable airlines across the globe. They are dedicated to providing the best facilities to their passengers, but they are quite strict about their strict rules and regulations. If the person traveling with Delta doesn’t have the correct credentials and their name in their respective boarding pass, they might be facing problems with flight access. To avoid such a problem, it provides a Delta Airlines Name Change Policy.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

According to Delta Airlines Name Change Policy, you are not allowed to make a complete change in your name, all you can do is make small adjustments in your first name, middle name and last name. Generally, you can make modifications up to characters in your name and if you want to change more than 3 characters, kindly contact customer service.

Changing Your Middle Name on Your Flight Ticket

However, a middle name doesn’t create an issue. But if you wish to change it, you can simply visit Delta’s official website. Visit the ‘manage booking’ section and change/add your middle name.

Please keep in mind that your flight ticket must match your valid photo ID irrespective of your middle name.

Correcting Minor Typos on Your Flight Ticket

If the changes are made within 24 hours, Delta Airlines does not charge any fees for the oration of your name in your boarding pass. However, after 24 hours, the above policy fails to apply and the charges may range from $75 to $500.The charges depend on the airline, the type of ticket you have booked and the error in your boarding pass. The change in a middle name and initials does not charge any cost.

Methods to Change Your Name on Delta Flight Tickets

Delta provides hassle-free ways to change your name on Delta Flight Tickets. All the channels are reliable and stress-free. The methods are discussed below.

Via Online

  • Visit the official website.
  • Find the ‘manage booking’ page and add the required details i.e. your confirmation number and last number.
  • Please keep in your mind that your new name can only contain minor changes of up to 3 characters.

Via Mobile App

  • Install Delta Airlines applications on your mobile devices.
  • Log in by adding your required details.
  • Click on the reservations and select ‘modify flights’.
  • There you can make all the changes if permitted.

Via Phone

  • Contact an agent from Delta’s Global Sales Support team by making a call at 800-221-1212.
  • The agent will speak to you and will confirm your identity by asking about the confirmation number, travel date and destination.
  • After confirming, they will help you out by modifying your name on your flight tickets.

Via Text Message

It is the easiest method to change your name on your flight ticket. It is very convenient for people who have a hectic schedule as they can easily respond to text messages from agents whenever they can.

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