As a versatile material for a range of leather goods, cowhide has a huge following. Whatever may be the reason for you to buy cow leather from cow leather manufacturers, it is important that you understand this material thoroughly to make the right choices and use them prudently across your requirements. Here are a few FAQs on cow hide answered.

What is cowhide?
Cowhide can be explained as the hair and skin of a cow in unbleached condition. Therefore, it will hold on to the animal’s natural color. Cowhide is obtained as the byproduct in beef and meat industry. It is then processed into leather for making a variety of leather goods.

How to know if a cow hide is genuine?
While buying cowhide leather, it is important to differentiate between a real and fake one. These days fake cow hides are becoming popular in the market. Fake cow hide is made of different types of plastic and is not durable like the real one. Real cow hide feels softer and the fine fur you find on it will give some kind of comfort. Sometimes, the fur you may find can feel a bit bristly, but it can help attest the authenticity of a cow hide. Every cow has its own unique pattern and hence it is easy to differentiate them from the fake and printed ones that will look uniform throughout.

What are the popular applications of cow hide?
Cow hide has its wide usage in the fashion industry. It is used to make jackets, wallets, belts, purses, briefcases, backpacks, boots, and other stylistic leather commodities. It is also very common to find cow hide used in the making of home décor products for the luxurious looks this material usually wears.

How does cowhide compare with horsehide?
Both are versatile materials and are highly durable too. Their weight and thickness are also highly similar. Cowhide is usually softer and does not come with a finish. On the other hand, horsehide sports an applied finish and has a rigid hand. Horse hide is a bit shinier than cowhide. The warmth of both these hides is similar. Both of them are depended on for their durability.

Is cowhide an expensive option?
The price of cowhide depends on its type. The best quality leather is full grain leather. The lowest quality one is bonded leather. Deemed as the most popular leather, cowhide costs usually more than the other alternatives. Since this is one of the most common types of leather you will find in the industry, it costs a bit more than many other leathers.

Is cowhide water resistant?
Cowhide is highly water resistant. However, excess water can make the leather wet due to its permeable nature. When it dries, it can get stiffer and can become harder, losing its soft and attractive texture. Therefore, it is safe to expose cow leather to small showers, but nothing is good in excess.

Always source your cow leather from reputed cow leather manufacturers to land on the best quality.

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