How can I download FB videos to my laptop?

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking place and one of the numerous widely used online social media. You can post photos, videos, text, etc on the Internet as you wish. With the development of rich media, more and more users are using video for entertainment, communication, education, or other purposes. So it’s no surprise that sometimes you want to download videos from Facebook to your computer for your use.

So how to download videos from Facebook to a laptop? As we all know, no “Download” button on Facebook can be used to save videos to your computer. Fortunately, there are proven ways to successfully download Facebook videos to your computer.

  • By using third-party apps
  • Using browser extensions
  • Using online video downloaders
  • Without downloading any software
  • By changing its URL

So those five methods help you to download Facebook videos just by using the Facebook video URL. Choose the best method you like most suitable to download the Facebook video you like to your laptop within minutes.

How to download Facebook videos using third-party apps

If you are planning to download Facebook videos on your laptop, third-party apps are the most suitable way for you. So let’s take a look at what are the best third-party apps that make your download experience an enjoyable one.

  • EaseUS Video Downloader
  • Free Facebook Video Downloader

EaseUS Video Downloader

This amazing tool works with both Windows and Mac OS-running laptops. It allows you to download videos of high quality for free. So what are the pros and cons we can get through this app?


  • Download Facebook videos with different qualities.
  • Save and download live videos from Facebook.
  • No ads or plugins to use it.


  • It takes up a huge space on your computer/laptop.
  • This tool slows down your device process.

Free Facebook Video Downloader

This is a free Facebook video download tool that works well with Facebook social media platforms. Comes as a desktop application with a user-friendly interface for users.


  • The easy and fast download process.
  • Different video quality options.


  • Just download video content from Facebook.
  • Available in limited multimedia formats.

How to download Facebook videos using browser extensions

Do you know there is another way to download Facebook videos using browser extensions? It is a simple process all you have to do is add a video download extension to your browser and download your favorite Facebook videos. Among many other browser extensions on the internet, we found that GetFvid introduced overhead and also provides a Facebook video download extension for you.


  • Downloading videos is a lot easier.
  • Comes with a user-friendly interface.


  • You can only use this feature while online.
  • Download videos with original quality. No option to choose video quality.

How to download Facebook videos with Online Video Downloaders?

According to our personal experience, we found that using online video downloaders is one of the best methods. There are many Facebook video downloaders on the internet today and let’s find out. With online downloaders, you can save and download your favorite Facebook videos using your browser. This method is free and simple. So you do not need to download any third-party applications on your devices.

What are the best online downloaders you can find on the internet today?

  • FBDown
  • FDownloader
  • Facebook video downloader


This is one of the basic download tools that comes easily and fast. You can use this tool just by copying and pasting the link to the FBDown browser and using it on your laptop or computer.


  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Comes with constant update
  • 4k resolution enabled download


  • Can’t download Facebook live videos.
  • Doesn’t allow you to get more than 4k resolution.


This is one of the best Facebook video downloaders with the best features and quality service. FDownloader simply satisfied its users by downloading videos from Facebook easily and quickly.


  • Download Facebook videos with different qualities.
  • Works with all browsers and all devices.
  • Easy and fast user interface.
  • Completely free and secure to use.


  • There are no cons that I can find to this Facebook Downloader.

All you have to do is copy the URL of your favorite Facebook video you like to download and paste it into the FDownloader homepage.

Facebook video downloader

This is a simple and fast download tool that comes with many different features. You can get your favorite Facebook videos with HD quality from this smart platform. You can directly save the video from Facebook using this smart tool.


  • HD and MP4 Facebook video download
  • 2-step process to download videos


  • Has some lag issues.
  • Don’t have a download option for live videos.

How to download Facebook videos without downloading any software?

What would I tell you that there is a way to download Facebook videos without downloading any software applications on your laptop? Isn’t it great? By following the below guide, you can simply save videos to your laptop without using any application or service.

Open Facebook on your laptop and right-click on the video you want to download. Now click the show video URL option and copy the link. Then paste it in a new tap. Right-click the video again and click the “Save video as” option.


  • This process is easy.
  • Do not require downloading any third-party apps.


  • This method is quite slow.
  • You can’t download videos with different qualities.

How to download Facebook videos by changing the URL

There is another way to download Facebook videos without downloading any apps or software. This method is simple. All you have to do is just copy and paste the URL and just change the URL.

Go to Facebook and find the video you want to download on your computer. Now copy the URL and paste it into another tab. Change the www to mbasic and hit enter. Otherwise, you can replace www with m. Then play the video, right-click, and click the “Save video as” to get it on your laptop.


  • Simple and easy method.
  • No need to download or install any software.


  • This method is different from browser to browser.
  • Can’t get high-quality Facebook videos.


Now you know there are many different methods to download Facebook videos into your laptop. So you have to find the best way and enjoy downloading! Read also!

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