How to Check Daily Views on YouTube?

How to Check Daily Views on YouTube

Whenever we hear “youtube”, the first thing that comes to our mind is subscribers. But one of the important things, more than subscribers, the reach is important for a channel to grow. Views are one such factor.

In terms of YouTube, views are the platform’s lifeblood. Creators of content are all about getting noticed and making money. But what do they mean?

Views are different from other numbers on YouTube. They can never be readily twisted and are always correct.

This post will examine the significance of YouTube views. To help you better understand your channel and your position in the YouTube algorithm, we’ll also discuss how to analyze your own YouTube views. And how to monitor them.

How important are your YouTube views?

Two things are undoubtedly on your mind when you submit a video to YouTube: that people will watch and enjoy it. What do those YouTube views mean?

There is more to it than just how many people watch your video. Views on YouTube indicate how interested your audience is in your work. It’s a positive indication that viewers enjoy and find value in your video if they watch it all through or more than once.

The number of views on YouTube is another reliable sign of how well-liked your video is. If your video receives many views, it is being circulated and discussed online. You may get highlighted on YouTube’s main page or in its search using this strategy, which can also help you draw in more YouTube views and subscribers.

Why check what you think?

YouTubers must monitor their view counts. Why?

The answer is simple, to follow the development of your channel and videos, it’s crucial to visit your YouTube Analytics page often. You may evaluate your progress and find areas for growth with the aid of YouTube Analytics.

Your view count gives you an idea of how well-liked and effective your films are.

People are more inclined to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel if you have more views.

Also, YouTube’s algorithms consider your view count, so the more views you have, the more likely others will see your films suggested.

 How to validate your opinions?

You may have wondered how to check daily views on YouTube, whether you’re a YouTuber or simply a casual viewer.

It simply takes a few basic steps to figure out the solution.

Open YouTube views and log in first. Next, select the ‘History’ submenu from the main menu. You may view a list of all the most recent videos you’ve viewed here. Hover over the thumbnail of a video and select the “Views” option to see how many times it has been seen.

Also, you can see how many people have watched a video you’ve published by navigating to the “My Videos” area and selecting the “Statistics” link. The number of views and several other video data is available here.

There you have it, then! You now know how to look up YouTube daily views.

There are several ways to check your daily YouTube views:

  1. Select your profile image in the upper right after signing into your YouTube account.
  2. choose the “YouTube Studio” option. You can find it under a drop-down button.
  3. Choose “Analysis” from the left sidebar.
  4. You’ll notice a graph under “Overview” that shows the total number of views your channel has received over the last 28 days.
  5. Hover over the graph and click on the day you want to examine it to see daily views.
  6. You may examine that day’s total number of views in a pop-up window.

For each day that you wish to verify, repeat this procedure.

You should see trends in your views after a few days. You may use this information to figure out when it’s ideal for posting new videos and what kind of material is most well-liked by your audience.

Another method of determining the number of views on YouTube is:

These are several quick and simple methods:

– Your view count is next to your channel name on your YouTube homepage.

– The number of views you have is shown next to each video’s title.

– Your view count is shown in the Overview section of YouTube Studio.

How can you better understand your channel by interpreting your own YouTube views?

You can interpret your own YouTube views in a variety of ways. The most crucial factor is understanding your opinions and how they may assist you in enhancing your channel.

  1. YouTube views provide insightful information.
  2. Views can aid in the comprehension of your target demographic.
  3. Views can show whether your YouTube marketing efforts were successful.
  4. View data can help you create videos of higher quality.
  5. Views may be used to gauge the effectiveness of your channel as a whole.

What are some suggestions for boosting YouTube video views?

The amount of views your YouTube video gets is influenced by various things. To help your YouTube video receive more views (know more), use the following advice:

Create high-quality material first.

Second, spread the word about your films on social media and other websites.

  1. Employ names that are evocative and packed with keywords.
  2. Use tags,
  3. improve your thumbnail image, and
  4. Transcribing your videos is important.
  5. Provide informational, entertaining, or both types of material.

For your YouTube videos, make appealing thumbnails.


It is simple and takes a few minutes to check your YouTube daily views. To obtain the required information, utilize the YouTube Creator Studio or the YouTube Analytics tool.

You should have no trouble navigating because both programs are free to use. Evaluate your daily view statistics and observe your videos’ performance once you have them.

Ultimately, tracking your YouTube daily views is a simple and quick procedure that may provide you with important information about how well your videos perform.

It may take up to 24 hours for your view count to change because view counts are updated once daily.

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