How to Maintain Crystal Clear Water in Your Backyard Pool?

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your house, then you know how essential it is to make sure it is clean and see-through. As a fact, you have children and close relatives who are strong and who don’t want you to get any disease.

Therefore, if you are having a crisis over the cleaning up and maintenance of your backyard pool, let us be of assistance by following these steps.

Here are some fundamental tips to keep your backyard paradise clean and inviting for the summer.

Tips to Keep Crystal Clear Water in Your Swimming Pool

1. Test and Balance Your Pool Chemistry Regularly

The pool water chemistry lays the foundation for the health and hygiene of the pool. The correct amount takes care of sanitation, eliminates the growth of algae, and guarantees the longevity of the pool equipment. Buy a good quality test kit and test your pool’s water regularly, at least once a week, or more often during the busiest days.

One of the usual factors that cause changes in water chemistry is chlorine levels, pH, and alkalinity. According to the test results, add or remove chemicals required to bring levels to the recommended standards.

Moreover, to ensure optimal maintenance and cleanliness of your backyard pool, seek professional hot tub services in addition to regular testing and balancing.

2. Skim, Brush, and Vacuum Regularly

The waste, such as leaves and insects, not only gives the water an unpleasant taste and uneven appearance but also the food for the algae, and it causes problems with the water chemistry.

Lastly, vacuum the pool weekly, focusing on areas where dirt and debris collect. Skimming, brushing, and vacuuming routinely are ways of ensuring your pool is clean, clear, and beautiful.

3. Maintain Proper Filtration

The filter in your pool is the backbone of your cleaning system. It constantly removes dirt, debris, and any contaminants present in the water. The maintenance requirements will depend on the filter type, which can be sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth.

Usually, you should backwash your sand filter or clean your cartridge filter based on the manufacturer’s instructions, usually every one to two weeks when usage is highest. DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filters also need regular additions of DE powder to keep them effective.

4. Address Off-Season Maintenance

Winterizing your pool is important when your pool is not in use during the colder months, and regular maintenance is necessary to avoid problems in the future. Winterize the pool means performing such task as lowering the water level, adding the antifreeze to prevent freezing the pipes, and storing pool equipments properly.

For an in-ground pool, consider consulting a pool professional for winterization services, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Taking the time to properly winterize your pool will protect your investment and prevent costly repairs come spring.

Final Words

Finally, keeping the pool clean and working properly involves testing and balancing regularly, cleaning through skimming, brushing, and vacuuming. Proper filtration and winterization are also important in making sure your pool is well maintained year round. With these tips, you will have a wonderful and attractive pool for the whole season.


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